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easy Edible Santa Hat this Holiday

easy Edible Santa Hat this Holiday

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Counting days before Christmas ,
An Easy ideas for Christmas Santa Hat and Hotdog on a stick with Bacon and Star Cheese.

We Need:
CDO Idol Cheesedog
CDO Classic Bacon (optional)
Danes Cheese
Grapes, pwede din naman Olive (depende sa availability at meron na sa bahay)
Some Sticks /Toothpicks
And a Knife to Slice
🎄Santa Claus Hat
Steam CDO Idol Cheesedog first, (for the two recipes)
Cut it in 3 Parts then slice Half, shape it into a Triangle.
For the Cheese: Cut it into a rectangle, same size with the hat the we made for the Hotdog
Use a Toothpick to arrange it
Put the Grapes on the toothpick then follow Cheese and the Triangle Hat on the Top
🎄Hotdog in a Stick with Ham & Star Cheese on Top
Wrap Hotdog with Bacon then fry in a Slow fire then drain.
Shape Cheese into a Star, you may use a molder or manually cut.
Now put the Hotdog on a Stick the follow the Star Shape Cheese on Top
It’s now time to arrange it on a Platter.
Serve and Enjoy.
Ang dali di ba?
Advance Merry Christmas sa Inyo.

Counting days before Christmas ,
Are you also excited like we are?

Ako excited for the food that i will be preparing…

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