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Bed Upgrade with Salem Bed, is it Worth it?

Bed Upgrade with Salem Bed, is it Worth it?

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My Kids are growing so fast and one of the things that I want for them is that they are comfortable with their sleep especially at night because I always believe that a GOOD SLEEP helps to feel your best day everyday. Which is really true!

And speaking of GOOD, we choose for not only as Good Mattress but a quality and a long term use. Salem Bed is a Philippine mattress manufacturer that has been around since 1968. I also grown up with this trusted brand. They specialize in spring mattresses and are known to offer durable and comfortable beds for decades.
Salem Bed became widely recognized through its use of elephants as an icon.

In the early 90s, the brand released a series of commercials featuring an elephant playing on a Salem mattress to demonstrate the brand’s craftsmanship.
It effectively expressed the brand’s expertise in crafting durable mattresses.
Today, Salem continues to offer high-quality spring and foam mattresses as well as a range of other home furnishing pieces like bedframes, sofas, and dining sets.

So, What makes them different from other? Well, aside from they are our Top choice, Heritage brand Salem has been making top-notch quality products for over fifty years.
Their products are tested and proven to be superior by many parents and grandparents through the years. We are working hard to continue to offer the same to current and future generations. It is Proudly Filipino-owned and operated.

Timeless Pieces Salem’s products are guaranteed to be classics – both in terms of quality and design. With their contemporary aesthetic and superior craftsmanship, every pieces will stand the test of time. Lifetime Service Warranty for Salem’s spring mattresses and sofas, they offer a lifetime service warranty which cover repairs should the need arise even after the product warranty has already lapsed. This additional service can further extend the lifespan of your Salem unit.

from our Semi-Double upgraded to Salem G-Foam Thin Cover in Queen Size


  • High-density polyurethane foam
  • Zipperized fabric cover
  • Firm
  • 5-year warranty
  • Thickness options: 4 inches, 6 inches 
  • Fabric options: Elm, Fern

Make a wise choice, Make your family happy.

as my kids says: WE HAVE A GOOD SLEEP, Mommy.

A Budget Mattress you won’t regret of buying. I promise you that!

Definitely, WORTH IT!

Go, check this G-Foam thin Cover here, available in Single, Twin, Semi-Double, Double King & you may also request for customized.

Investing in a good mattress? Salem says it all! 

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  • A good sleep brings the best day ever!



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