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Minnie & Mickey Meet & Greet

Minnie & Mickey Meet & Greet

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Dream Come True!
This is the best day ever!
Hearing this from my kids, it’s priceless! Seeing their smiles, Yes another childhood memories unlocked!
Last December 9,2023 My kids and I got a chance to meet my kids/our favorite Minnie & Mickey. Eversince I had my first born, Mickey & Minnie is her favorite. She got her Minnie plushie since born until now. But a little back story, that Minnie we had now is already her 5th (if I didn’t missed counting!! 😂), we had to replace it because we always lost it, one we left in timezone, the other we left in a taxi. and the rest is history 😁
It’s so funny that we really make sure we had it replaced right away – she can’t sleep without her minnie hugging her and all.

and finally when I saw in SM Makati’s FB Page that Minnie and Mickey will going to have a Meet & Greet. I planned to surprised them!
3 days before I already asked them If they get a chance to meet Minnie & Mickey will they go? and without a doubt, YES is an answer! by that day, they are already excited talking about it!

and the day comes, Dec 9 here it is!
I started to tell them that we are going to SM Makati today because I have something to get important but they need to dress up in their Minnie Outfit.
A little confused but since getting dressed by Minnie’s is not unusual for them. (Hindi pa naman ata ako halata 😆)

When we get to SM, promptly proceed to 3F/ this lady from SM approached us if we want to join for Minnie & Mickey’s Meet & greet and even said ‘sakto po mam naka Minnie outfit pa po sila’ referring for my kids. 😁

Yay! My Surprise a bit not surprised?!! Haha oh well, here it is now
As they see already a lot of people is lining for it and with Disney On Ice on a backdrop, they already have an idea.
Ate Roczi’s then said ‘ ohh… that’s why you ask us to dress up our minnie top/dress mommy. With a Smile.’

Wohooo! my two kids are with there ALL SMILES!

Ending a 2023 year, with a happy memories for my kids. Hoping and praying Disneyland is our next!

So that’s all for now! How about ypu.. have you already meet Minnie & Mickey?

Celebrating #disney100 !


Another Happy Wishlist Unlocked for my Kids ❤️ #Disney100 #MinnieMickeyMeetAndGreet #SMMakati #dVillanuevaGirls #EverythingHereAtSM #MajLifeShares2023 #BestOfTikTokPH

♬ Disney Song – H Music & Carlos Henrique Lima

Update: We are so lucky to have #Disney100 Limited Edition Plush


❤️ Definitely for Keeps ❤️ You make my Kids the happiest. Thank You Disney, Mommy Kathy & SM Makati/SM Store |#ShareTheWonder #Disney100 #Disney100LimitedEditionPlushie #MajLifeShares #MajLifeShares2024

♬ Let’s Go To Disney – Fairview